What you don't know about insurance claims can hurt you.

Insurance policies are very complex and complicated. Written by attorneys, these policies are page after page of confusing legalese, all in fine print. So it is no wonder people get overwhelmed and frustrated when they have to file an insurance claim. Coverages, exclusions, endorsements, exceptions, limitations - there are so many ways an insurance claim can go astray. Oftentimes, even the insurance company adjusters get confused and make the wrong coverage decision - and almost always, these mistakes benefit the insurance company, not you. Coincidence? Not in my experience.

To make the most out of a bad situation, like an insurance claim, you want to be as prepared as possible. Now, you are probably never going to be able to fully understand your policy, but it would certainly help to take some time each year to talk to your agent, to try to understand the basics, and to be sure you are properly insured. You will also want to align yourself with good resources - people who know more about insurance and claims than you do. That's where Gold Star can come to your rescue.

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Public Adjusters

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In his book, Mark Goldwich, public adjuster and insurance expert, reveals behind-the-scene secrets of what really goes on when you file a claim, large or small. You will be enlightened, then shocked and angry, and finally - EMPOWERED.

What you need to know:
Your Insurance Policy is a Legal Contract.

Insurance policies are often referred to as "insurance products." I would argue insurance is NOT a product. Soap is a product. Furniture is a product. Insurance is a legally binding contract. The insurance company and their lawyers write the contract, and you either sign it, or you don't. If you sign it, you have just entered into a binding contract. And unlike most contracts, you don't get any input into what is written into it.

So, if you have an insurance claim, remember this: Your insurance claim is governed by the contract that you had no say in how it was written. But now that you know, when you do have a claim, make sure the insurance company fully complies with ALL of the terms of the contract, even the ones that benefit YOU. Keep in mind they must also comply with State laws regarding the application of that contract, because State laws can trump contract/policy language. How will you know? Consult a professional.

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We helped Michaela Miller with her flood insurance claim.

After a flood devastated our home, we tried to work with our insurance company, who offered us $82,487.48. We knew this was not enough, and felt we were not being paid fairly. We did some research and learned about Mark Goldwich and Gold Star Adjusters. Mark was great to work with, kept us at ease, and pursued the full amount owed. With Mark's help, we got a settlement of $193,370.17. This is $110,882.69 more than the original offer! The lesson here is simple, "hire Gold Star and get what is owed!" - M.M., Jacksonville, FL


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